HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (HKSC)
Established in Sep. 2006, HKSC is the first and a unique Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) senior secondary school in Hong Kong devoted to actualizing creative education. It provides young people with an all-round creative learning experiences and opportunities for self-fulfillment.
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Inter-Cultural Creative Education Observatory (ICEO)
ICEO is an initiative which advocating research and development of creative education. It was established with support and recognition of UNESCO in view of the global concern about the growing importance of creative and art education.
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A New Arts Centre
HKSC opens a new professional arts and cultural platform where the community can innovate, interact and present.  This new arts centre and incubator works in partnership with local and overseas artists and groups in diverse aspects of programming and residency.
Kowloon City Book Fair 2010
27-28 Nov, 2010 (Sat & Sun)
VENUE:HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
TIME:11:00am -8:30pm

Featuring speakers, stalls, workshops and books, the Kowloon City Book Fair 2010 is a cultural event that you should not miss!

Apart from bookstalls, talks, workshops, performance would be held in this 2-day fair, the cultural exchange and idea inspirations will be another highlight. This book fair would gather book lovers together in the city. Also, the smaller-scale book fair allows our readers to hang around and communicate with each other. Unlike traditional seminars, sessions in our Book Fair will encourage audiences to share their views at the end of each talk. There are also open-forums set for some sessions.

To know more about Kowloon City Book Fair 2010, please go to:
Last year Kowloon City Book Fair:

Presenters: Roundtable Community, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Kowloon City District Council
Free Admission
MaD: Make a Difference
MaD (Make a Difference) is an initiative to inspire and empower young people (aged 16 to 35) to be the change. Evolving around 3 key themes – discovery, creativity and impact, it is a continual project to groom a creative, compassionate and collaborative young generation, supporting them to create change at different levels.
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Chinese Creative Industries Forum 2012
2 June, 2012
The Making of ‘Creative Cities’ :Dynamics of Public Participation, Regulations and Process in the Construction of Creative Cities
VENUE:Conference Room, Macao Cultural Centre
TIME:10 am - 6 pm

The mission of CCIF is to be a think tank and platform to connect creative industries stakeholders in the Greater China creative ecology – policy makers, investors, educators and creative professionals – so as to strengthen cross-sector and cross-disciplinary communication and exchange, and build up intellectual resources and networks for the development of the creative industries in Greater China.

Two conferences were held in Shanghai and four researches and studies on the creative ecology were conducted in 2010. They included: Study on the Development of the Creative Industries in Chinese Cities and Districts, Study on Creative Industries Parks and Enterprises in Greater China, Study on Creative Industries Education in universities in Greater China and Study on Chinese Creative Industries Practitioners.

In 2011, CCIF launched new research projects and held conferences under the theme of “Investing in Creativity” in Hong Kong. The new researches included: Intercity Creative Industries Network - Study on a Sustainable Creative Regional Development for the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, and Investing in Creativity - Study on the Talents and Creative Ecology Development for the Cultural and Creative Industries in Taiwan and South Korea.

CCIF 2012 will hold two conferences in Macau and conduct a research project, The Making of ‘Creative Cities’ : Dynamics of Public Participation, Regulations and Process in the Construction of Creative Cities.

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Chinese Creative Industries Forum 2011 – The 2nd Conference
November 19 – 20, 2011
MaD Trips
July - October
From Trash to Treasure
9 May - 14 July, 2011